Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Qatar Cribs

So if my last apartment post was House Hunters International, this one would definitely be Cribs! Ha! 
First of all, welcome to my home! This is your all access pass into Zach and my little oasis๐ŸŒด

We have been here for right under a week now and have had a chance to get pretty much all settled in. Still need to buy a few more hangers and sort through a few more things but we have coffee brewing each morning and a snuggly bed to curl up in each night so as far as I am concerned we are there! 

So as you know, we chose to go with an apartment right in the heart of the Diplomatic Area of Doha. So far, we are loving our selection and are finding that it is suiting our lifestyle to a T... And then some! 

When you walk inside, you start off in a bit of a hallway with a bathroom on the left and closet space on  the right. 
Here is a shot looking back towards the front door. 
Then you come further in and are greeted with some beautiful natural sunlight coming through three big, open windows. 

On your left hand side, is kitchen. 
One of my favorite things are the dark brown cabinets and white textured walls. 
Then also the interesting placement of the washing machine which is right square in he middle of the kitchen. It washes and drys which is rather convenient. This placement and functionality is extremely typical of a Doha apartment. 
I also love how the oven, along with many other appliances have on and off switches so when you finish cooking you can assure that everything is off before you walk away. You can also easily flick off the burners rather than dealing with four different knobs and such. 
The kitchen wall facing the living room is actually completely opened up creating tons of countertop space and a great bar area on the other side. I just love a good open kitchen. 
Then if you continue down the hall you are led directly into the living room.
Which is connected to a dining area. 
Outside the windows we get to see this 
Even better at night 
There is city center mall! 
Then after you pass through he living room and enter the bedroom, you have more closet space on the left and a bathroom on the right. 
You probably noticed this: a literal butt sprayer. These things are literally in EVERY SINGLE bathroom in Doha-- luckily we were able to snag a bathroom without the full on bidet. I can handle a sprayer but anything more just feels kind of strange and unclean to me? 
Then here is our bedroom. 
I love that each bedside lamp has this little reading light attached. Z and I love to read each night before bed :). 
I also love the full length mirror--and safety wall mounted flash light?? Lol 
And the double height ceilings. 
One of the other perks that have just made this place five stars for us has been the INCREDIBLE service. And I mean literally. Our apartment is fully serviced twice a week complete with fresh towels and sheets. What a way to live! There is also a 24-7 help desk that will bend over backwards to make sure that each guest is comfortable. 

Our first day in the apartment we were freezing cold and tried messing with the thermostat (there is a separate one in EACH ROOM) we couldn't figure it out how to get the place warmed up so they sent someone up to help us. He explained that the building literally doesn't have central heating -- hahahaha yes NO CENTRAL HEAT AT ALL -- guess that is what you get when you live in the desert? I guess they figure there is no real need when the coldest it every gets here is like 55 degrees (but we are Texan so a 65 degree room is still cold to us!) So anyways they rolled in a heater haha 
They also have doormen who carry up all of our groceries ( or whatever else) for us, they have guards who circle the building 24-7 and they even have extra beds that they will set up for you when you have guests over! I feel like a queen! Pool on the top floor as well as an indoor pool on the ground floor ( both with regulated water temperatures of course). I guess these are the things people come to expect when they live in the richest city in the world? I'll take it! 

But my favorite thing is that I get to share it with my beloved hubby. Coming here only 8 months into marriage and knowing no one else has been such a wonderful experience and I couldn't have done it with anyone else! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•
(Yes this is an old photo from our last apartment, we'll have to get another more updated selfie soon!) 

Shokran & Gig 'Em !