Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last weekend in Houston

So here we are finishing up our last few days in Texas. It is an absolute, bittersweet feeling leaving the first city Zach and I called home. We have had so many wonderful memories here and have absolutely loved our stay. Then, at the same time, with every box hauled out and every picture pulled from its perfect twice or in some cases thrice moved perch, a new butterfly pops up from within filling me with even greater joy and excitement for the adventure ahead. That our very dreams are coming true before our eyes.  I don't know that I will ever fully understand the breadth and depth of God's goodness but this sure takes me to a new level. Praise be to the God of love that he cares so deeply he would open this door for us. 

We were so blessed to have Zach's parents come for one final visit. Saturday we woke up slow, spent time reconnecting and then went for a stroll down at Memorial Park, one of our favorite places in Houston. 

As a final act of leaving we had to completely break tradition and bust out the top layer of our wedding cake. Of course you are supposed to wait until the one year anniversary but there was just no way that this thing was going to travel to Doha with us. 
Ta-Da! Jk it looks so bad. Definitely should have considered removing the fresh peony before freezing.....
Now I think this cake deserves a glimpse back to its past glory. Let's get that money shot up here. 
For Saturday night we decided on Chinese food so Zach and I took the parents to straight up China town. (Be careful what you wish for?) ha! But we actually learned of a great authentic Chinese food restaurant  from my local Houstonian friend Erica. So off we went to House of Bowls. 
Okay no judgement. This was stinkin delicious! It is a shrimp and egg pancake on rice! 
So now I am getting a little overly sentimental but here is Zach and my very last home cooked meal before we sold all of our pots and pans. Before moving to Houston I never really knew how to cook but with much patience and gracious taste buds from Zach I have gotten there. Looking forward to brand new ingredients and tastes once we get to Doha! 
Chipotle seasoned shrimp with a spicy dill dipping sauce. 

Just two days left before we begin what will be our biggest adventure yet. I just want to finish this first post by thanking all of our family and friends for the love and support you have given to Zach and I during our first months of marriage. We are both so blessed by the family we have gained and friends that have been an absolute God-send. We have had the most wonderful time here and have you to thank for a big part of that. As we embark on this journey we just ask for your continued prayers. I am so excited that you will be along for this journey with us through this not-so-well-written/total-amateur  blog!