Friday, February 20, 2015

Apartment Selection!

And now!

For the moment you all have been waiting for 


Okay so it's definitely not THAT big of a deal but it is pretty exciting to have found an actual HOME here! ( especially since it looks as though we will be staying until Z finishes his project on Red Line North in 2018, three years from now!) 


....drumroll please .....



And now I know what most of you are thinking... What the heck?! Why didn't they choose number two and live on a resort? But don't worry, I can explain! 

First of all, LOCATION IS KEY! 

At this apartment when we walk outside, we are right in the thick of it! Across the street is the huge City Center Mall with everything from the grocery store to a furniture store and all of the clothing and food options a girl could want in between. 

It also ( as you can expect) has tons of taxis lining up all day long to pick people up and since we do not intend to get a car here, this works out perfectly for us! Not only that but one of Zach's new coworkers lives right down the road and has offered to grab Z on his way to work each morning so that is a blessing on top of everything! 

Even beyond the excitement, shopping and transportation, we are just a five minute walk away from the gulf and the long Corniche path along it. From this location we are so central to Doha that no matter where we want to go, we are about a 15 min drive away. 
Seriously, Doha is so pretty you guys   
And look at these hundreds of birds! What? Haha they all love to hang out in this one spot on the Corniche -- I love it there and think it is so interesting and fun but Z hates it because he swears we are moments away from getting pooped in when we go by lol 

From the resort you walk outside and there is nothing. It is totally closed off and you basically have to call a taxi in order to get one-- no people around, no where to go and walk to. Even the grocery store is a drive away and getting groceries in a taxi doesn't sound like much fun to me. 

Next, the feel of the apartment is just right for us. Number two, the resort used to be all hotel so it very much feels that way.  It has a very industrial feel to it especially in the bathroom where you feel like you are in a school locker room. Number one feels much more like a home πŸ πŸ’— 

School locker room-- yuck! (Resort) 
Luxury bathroom with shower and tub! (Our choice) 

Now I will say that it (#2) had an UNBEATABLE view but if you are going to live in Doha why not actually live where everyday when you walk outside it feeeeeels like it rather than just seeing it and feeling like you are in a compound instead? 

Finally the price, although it wasn't a very big jump from 1 to 2 ( and we actually ended up upgrading the room in the downtown location so they come out to be about the same) but having all of he bills included is such a nice perk. Especially since we are total budgeting nerds and thrive on knowing EXACTLY what our expenses will be each month so that every dollar-- heck every penny will have a name in our budget. ( PS HOLY COW NEXT WEEK WE WILL OFFICIALLY BE DEBT FREE!?? Student loans and all!!!!) 

And what do you do with your money when you are debt free? WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT so I think a camel race will be in our near future :) because I am a nerd and camels racing sounds totally hilarious and fun 😊

Oh yeah! And number three wasnt furnished so basically that was the end of that lol plus traffic and further away from everything etc etc no one picked that anyways lol oh AND this one (#1) is like fully fully fully funirnished like I am talking plates, sheets, shampoo, EVERYTHING! Which is so nice because we won't want to have to go buy all that stuff then throw it all away when we move again. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, you saw most all of them last post but I do intend next week when we move in (WHOOP!) to send full apartment photos since we did upgrade since the last post and it is just so awesome and I am so excited that I have to document ! 

Okay love you guys!! Thanks again for following along with us! I am always so encouraged to hear that you guys are actually reading and actually enjoying experiencing this journey with us! So grateful for you and all of your kind words!! πŸ’—πŸ’—

Shokran & Gig 'Em ! 

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  1. Yay No.1!!! perfect choice!! So happy ya'll have a place to call home! Also, congrats on being almost totally debt free! Isn't it the best feeling. So proud of both of you for all your hard work and discipline! Let's skype real soon!!

    1. You are right, it is so wonderful to have a home here! I am not sure that it will ever feel as much to us like home as yours though! ;)

  2. When are ya'll going to call the Dave Ramsey show for your debt free scream?

    1. Haha that is the same thing my side of the family asked when we were in Texas! Maybe we will have to write a debt free email instead! Haha!

  3. Beautiful picture of you guys, and love the apartment you selected! Can't wait to see the photos of your new home soon! Congratulations on debt free...woooooo-hooooo! :)

    1. Thank you Bethany!!! We are finally getting things together over here! Haha!