Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House Hunters International: Destination Doha

We have finally done it! We have found and signed on our brand new apartment!
Literally the second day we were here we started looking around for where we would like to live and even long before, back in Texas we searched online to get an idea of what the living situation would look like. Since here we have met with at least 8 different real estate agents and seen upwards of 15 apartments all over Doha! I have selected three different apartments from the three main areas that we were interested in living. 

One of these apartments is the one we chose. 
Can you guess which one?! 

So one of the most important things to us when looking was proximity to Zach's work. He drove around 40 min everyday in Houston to let me be close to my work so I promised him coming here that that would never happen again! Luckily Zach's work is literally right in the middle of all three of these! 

Our big priorities are:
Bailey        Open kitchen 
                   Large gym

Zach           Furnished

Both.          Location

So here is a map of Doha where I highlighted the three locations  that we looked at. 

Zach's work is in that area right behind number two. 

So let's dive in! 

The first apartment is in the West Bay Area or what you may think of as downtown or where the towers are. The one here is actually in one of the towers, right in the middle of the city. It is literally right next to "City Center" Mall the largest mall in Qatar. Also a short walk away from the Corniche, an 8 mile path along the gulf. 

This apartment was the mid price range of the three but includes all of the utilities in the rental price as well as twice weekly cleaning. It comes fully furnished and has two pools, a gym and steam rooms. 

Beds 1
Bath 2
Price Middle
Location West Bay 
Pros : Great location right in the middle of downtown 
          Fully furnished
          Open kitchen

Cons: Smaller Gym 
          No beach 

The next apartment number two on my little map is in an actual full blown resort. Two of the buildings are hotel two are residencies. This apartment is the highest priced, has a guest bedroom is also fully furnished and has the most incredible view of West Bay. It comes with a huge private beach, tennis courts, restaurants and multiple pools. It also has golf carts that drive you to the beach and back. Each car that enters must even talk to a guard before entering! 

Beds 2 
Bath 2
Price Highest 
Location private area 

Pros : Open kitchen
          Amazing View
          Fully furnished 

Cons: Highest Price
          Located away from all shops etc private quiet location 

The third apartment is located on the man made islands of the Pearl. This area is like its own community with its own grocery stores, restaurants and even movie theatre! The only downside is that even though the location is close, there is only one way on and off the island so traffic during rush hour can get pretty backed up. The great thing here though is that since they are islands, many building have heir own private beaches and there are larger private beaches for Pearl residents only. 

Beds 1
Bath 2
Price lowest
Location Pearl 

Let's take a look!

 Pros  Huge and high quality gym
          Private beach access
          Open kitchen 

Cons  Unfurnished 
          Traffic at rush hour 

So there they are! We can name hem downtown, resort and pearl.  What do you think we chose? What you choose?
I will post again soon to reveal our choice! 

Shokran & Gig 'Em! 


  1. Hi Bailey!! This is Olivia, Zach's cousin from Louisiana! I am LOVING your blog and keeping up with you guys. My husband and I traveled to Dubai several times when we were in the Navy, such a beautiful part of the world. We are all praying for yall! Can't wait to see what apartment you choose:) I like #2!!

  2. Hi I would pick #2 but can't wait to hear what y'all pick, I love reading your blog. Love y'all

  3. Hi I would pick #2 but can't wait to hear what y'all pick. Love reading your blog. Love y'all

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