Sunday, February 1, 2015

Traveling to Doha

We have officially and safely made it to DOHA!

I guess this will be the ninth country that I have traveled to and was absolutely the best travel experience that I have EVER had. I just can't wait to tell and show you everything!

Let's start by going back in time to last Thursday when we scrambled to tie every loose end and squish our final selections into just two bags each. Oddly enough slimming down to the bare essentials felt invigorating. I never thought that I was so tied to my possessions until it was time to sell but once we started and things began to flow out it felt so good. And what did I have all of those unworn old clothes for anyways?  How nice it is to have a closet of items that I actually wear! 

Anyways where was I? Okay yes so just two bags each plus carry on bags in one big, empty apartment that we used to call home. 
The timing worked out perfectly because literally as soon as we left the apartment, we went directly to our mechanic who bought both of our cars and then met with our neighbor to hitch a ride to the airport. Ditching the stuff was hard but I must say that leaving incredible and Godly neighbors is so much worse. Sarah and Alex are two incredible people that I will always miss, look up to and cherish as friends. 
After about five tries to get the weight right in our overstuffed bags we were ready to roll. 

Now ladies and gentlemen I must introduce to you the LARGEST AIRPLANE IN THE WORLD weighing over ONE MILLION pounds and seating over 850 passengers. May I present to you the Emirates Airbus A380-800!!

Now for a look inside..

That's right, A FULL OUT TV AND GAMING SYSTEM at EVERYSEAT. Equipped with ICE technology. 
Even cameras on front, back and bottom of the plane so that you could see what was going on around you at all times. 
And here is something I have never seen before, a plane that my 6'6 hubby could stand up in with at least another foot and a half of space over his head to spare ! 
Since we took a 6:30pm flight, it wasn't long before we were served dinner. 

There was also FREE ALCOHOL on the flight 
And this is ECONOMY class people! 

Then, before bed we were all given a little pouch with socks, a sleeping mask and toothpaste/brush in it. 
The flight turned out to be only about half full so not only did Zach and I get a row to ourselves but when we were ready to sleep we had extra rows in front and behind us to lay completely out on! 

Needless to say, we absolutely LOVED it. 

14 hour later we arrived in DUBAI 😱

These sweet holographic like people helped guide us around the airport 
Intense cigarette labels warning of the effects

Then after a short layover we hopped on one last (and much smaller) Emirates plane over to Doha. 
We had finally made it. 

Here is Diego who picked us up and brought us right over to our hotel. 
So here is our little home for the next month while we get settled and begin looking for apartments.

It has been a wonderful journey here and we have already had so much fun adventuring around the city (pictures to come soon!) I can't wait to share this new life with you all!

Shokran & Gig 'Em


  1. Smiling, just smiling thinking about you two.

  2. Love reading your blog. You are so expressive and a great writer, I think you are a great magazine illustrating writer. Keep us posted. Love you

    1. Thank you so much aunt Shannon-- your encouragement is such a blessing especially as I try out this new medium. I love you very much

  3. I am so happy for you and Zach- love y'all both. Love Auntie Shannon

  4. So proud and happy for y'all. It looks beautiful. Love to you both- love y'all Auntie Shannon

  5. You and Zack are going to be such experienced travelers and explorers! I'm so glad you're having fun...can't help but smile a lot (and cry a little too! )I love you, sweetheart- gam

    1. It is all one big adventure! We love you too, only happy tears allowed!!