Monday, February 9, 2015

See More Souq

So this weekend in between constant apartment viewings, Zach and I finally made it out to the Souq!

We were going to taxi over but once we saw how close it was to our hotel and the amazing 65ish degree weather out we decided to walk.  

We really had no idea what to expect since we had only seen photos here and there. We expected from what we had seen on tv to see lots of outdoor vendors with street food, rugs etc. So after getting mildly lost, cut off by construction and nearly hit by a few cars, we crossed through a back alley into this. 

Like a total hidden treasure because buildings surrounding it are connected making it completely enclosed. 

Beautiful right? 

Okay so maybe my photo with the cleaning man didn't do it justice but omg Zach and my jaws dropped! 

Okay quick note on the cleaning man, I must comment on how clean this city is. Like really. I have been to New York and seen the trash piles on the street, been to Paris and seen a fair share of littering but not Doha. Doha, especially downtown and these more populated areas are SPOTLESS. I think the city makes a real effort to keep it this way too. Well Doha officials, this girl right here appreciates it! 

Mm okay yes back to the Souq
One of the first buildings we passed by turned out to be this art-center-workshop place. If you know me, you know that I LOVE art so Z knowing this, smiled and lead the way. 

Real artisans everywhere painting and sculpting-- what a treat to get to see! 
Then we headed back out to see more Souq

Then here and there we could see openings that led into these tight little alleyways zig zagging and connecting all around. It reminded me a lot of the little market Z and I went to in Cancun except here instead of selling cheap knock off everything and fake Mexican style suvineers they sold luscious fabrics, spices and even (real) gold jewelry! ( We had heard before we came that gold was very popular here and apparently MUCH cheaper than in the states. You better believe I will take advantage of that while here! ) 

I will say we say more tourists here than I have any other place. Which I don't mind at all, it was nice not being the only dork stopping every three feet to take another photo.  :) 

Again with the rice-- it is EVERYWHERE! 
Okay another big side note-- Z and I ( were total fatty Americans ) and cheated the other night and got KFC and even THEY have half the items on the menu with rice. No mashed potatoes and gravy here people it is all about that RICE! 
Sorry ! Back to the Souq! 
Spices on spices on ...
CANDY!! 😍😋💕

Ooh yes 
Candy and gold .. What more could a girl want? 
* note on spelling Souq- I did my research and found that it can be spelled Souq or Souk but SouK usually refers to North African markets and SouQ is used to refer to Middle Eastern/Arab markets. So I am not entirely sure why they spelt it differently on this gold sign? 
Then back outside ...

And there were the outdoor vendors, just as we had seen in pictures! ( sorry I didn't get a photo of the street food people, I think I must have been caught up in the smell!) 
It smelt like all sorts of spices and grilled buttery corn then the smell would totally change. Along the way there were tons of restaurants with mostly outdoor seating and nearly ALL of them had hukah going. People were loving it but man that was an interesting mix of smells. 
Along with the smells, the streets were wildly loud and crowded so Z and I opted for pizza
And I guess you can call us basic 
Then back on the street on our way out we saw this lady doing henna tattoos. So cool! Definitely on my Qatar bucket list!  
Qatar Bucket list so far : 
1. Gold jewelry 
2. Henna tatto 
3. Burkini 

Jk #3 is never happening 
WHAT you have never heard of a Burkini?! 
But really, certain beaches here do require it 

I think I'll pass :) 

One last thing to note about the Souq are the street performers. It was a lot like NYC where people in crazy outfits parade around and take photos except that I do not think that we're collecting tips? They went all out on these costumes and were fun to watch. Even a large group of singing Muslim men came through. 
Then we had our nice walk back to the hotel to rest our feet 

My happy hubby 💗

Well that's all the adventure for this time-- coming soon my version of house hunters international and driving in Doha. 

What would you all like to see? What questions do you have about Doha?
Feel free to comment below so that I know and don't forget to subscribe! 

Shokran & Gig 'Em! 


  1. Take me to that place when I come to visit!!!

    1. I will take you anywhere you want if you come visit us here!

  2. love reading these bailey! so happy for you and zach's international adventure. you will remember this stuff for years to come! enjoy!

    1. Hey Jenna! Gosh I feel cooler now just knowing someone like you has he slightest interest in my blog :) thank you for the encouragement! Xo