Sunday, March 1, 2015

Living On Less

So here we are, all moved into our new apartment, setting up our daily routines and settling into life abroad. 

As we started getting situated into our new apartment ( blog coming soon with full detailed layout) I started thinking of all of the things that I needed to fill this apartment with. More plates, more clothes, more food and definitely more decorations.  

You see, we went through this huge purging process to get here, literally selling and donating everything we had collected thus far in life from tables and couches to picture frames and shoes (ouch!) Our plan coming abroad was not to stay in one place for too long and for that reason we wanted to keep ourselves from being bogged down with all of the stuff again. 

So we opted for a furnished apartment that even came with its own kitchen furnishings. That was good. Then we got here my flesh started searching for more. We have eight plates, four small four large but somehow it didn't feel like enough. Before, in Houston, we had double this amount plus extra plastic plates for snacks and quick meals. Same with cups, here there are just four water glasses four mugs. Two towels. One frying pan, one pot and one mixing bowl. 

How easy it is to fall back into the same lifestyle that we loved but found ourselves bogged down in. What if living fully includes a commitment to living on what you need and being satisfied? That more plates and cups and less loads through the dishwasher isn't what is best. That having a car to drive around and haul a closet full of new clothes in just brings you even further from joy and possibly other people? 

My hoarding stops here. 
I am deciding that what we have, no matter how little, IS enough. That having this place filled with people and loving them well is what matters. That Jesus is my source of joy and fulfillment and giving thanks to him and celebrating in having enough is praise to him. 

I pray that this small step will pull me a little bit further from stuff and a little bit closer to Jesus. That I could find true fulfillment from the only source. That my treasure is everlasting and stuff is temporary.

That joy could be full in the light of his grace and mercy. 

That true freedom starts here. 

Shokran & Gig 'Em