Monday, May 11, 2015


I am happy about this post not only because the Arabian Starbucks kicks American Starbucks butt but also because it means I had a really great excuse to return to it!

I will be the first one to say that I love Starbucks. When they built one on campus at Texas A&M my senior year I literally altered my diet and had sweet potatoes for dinner most nights in order to squeeze as many drinks as possible into my dining dollar budget. It was a problem. 

I also want to dedicate this post to my former boss Chris Baxter -- she may be the first (and only) woman that I have met that loves Starbucks even more than I do. PLUS I miss her so Chris, this is for you!! 😘 

Starbucks in Doha are nearly as easy to come by as they are in Seatle. This makes it no surprise that there are TWO in City Center Mall, one of which Zach and I visited today. 
Here is Starbucks written in Arabic. 
Surprisingly though, over the main entrance it is written in English. 
& yes that is a shopping cart out front, likely from Carrefour. This is very common! Shopping carts are literally everywhere in this city! Consumerism at its best lol

So when you walk in the look is just the same as a typical American Starbucks, even the music is the same!
The difference that you notice almost immediately though is that these things are HUGE!
Especially in comparison to American Starbucks where there are only one or two good comfy chairs and they are ALWAYS taken. 

Here, you never have any trouble finding a spot. 
It just goes on...
And on...
And ON!!
Notice too the view we have here-- it is second floor so you get to see right down the streets of downtown! Especially beautiful lit up at night like it was for us tonight! 

When it comes to the drinks themselves, they do not disappoint. Friends of mine (particularly a friend who loves to travel around the world and try all types of coffee and ONLY drinks it black (yes you meet some pretty cool travelers here!)) say that the beans here are actually the exact same as the ones used in the states. This may sound like no big deal but what you find is that many chains abroad, Dunkin Donuts for example, use different ingredients depending on the region. Here, that is just not a concern! 
You can even find your perfect overpriced mug! 
Pastries though I would say are very different than the states. Back home in (at least in the Starbucks that I visited) the trend was moving towards little snack boxes, sandwiches and weird chocolate covered marshmallows and stuff on sticks...not here.
What you find here is much more decadent. 
Fresh baked cakes and pies of all varieties are what you will find here! This is a very common thing to see at coffee shops in Doha-- and I am not complaining! 
This person didn't even order a drink-- just came for the tiramisu! 
As for Zach and I -- you know we got that coffee. 😉
BUT the best part is -- they serve it up in real mugs for you!!!!! Ahhhhh it is the best! Especially when you are splitting it with your boo and get a giant venti mug! 

We did cheat a bit though and I ran across to another coffee shop and snagged a kronut to go with our coffee. 
Topped with Nutella. Hello YUM! 
This international Starbucks gets two big thumbs up from me! 
Not only this one, but all of the Starbucks in Doha! They all have these huge floor plans and real mugs!
Not to mention great service! Haha
Aslair and Lito. Lovin that latte life. 

Thanks & Gig 'Em! 


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