Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Okay this post might be more for my enjoyment than any of yours but I always think it is SO interesting to see how different McDonalds are across the globe.

Today I was literally in the middle of no where for an appointment and was waiting it out to see if a taxi would ever happen to land out there and while I waited I decided that a McLatte would be nice. And I assure you, it was! 

So I showed a photo before of a two story McDonals in Al Khor along with its delivery car but this was was even cooler. 

(flashback photo) 

Here is the one I went into today:

Pretty basic looking on the outside although I am not sure I have ever seen one in the US built into a strip center? 

But inside-- SO COOL! 

They had bold graphics on the walls and modern, sleek fixtures 

The menu wasn't terribly exotic although it did carry items like the McArabia and Veggie Burger. 

It was a little weird though because the menu didnt list all of the options..(and Lord knows I like my options) I had to kind of ask my way into what I wanted to order. They also are unfortunately a bit behind on all of the new and fancy coffee drinks like the ones rolling out in America.  Womp! 

Either way, the latte I settled on was delicious! Plus I got a kick out of the wifi password -- I thought it would be on my receipt but when it wasn't and I asked someone working behind the counter he came close and whispered it to me. Like it was his special secret: it was "applepie". Hahahah 

They also had a full display of newspapers and such

After lounging I decided to go full out creeper and peek upstairs. 

I found lots more seating, a birthday party room ( who doesn't want their birthday at McArabianDonalds?!) and the worlds tiniest play place! 

Yes this is it, all of it. Not a slide in sight! 
But they were sure to make up for it by decorating with random happy kids faces lol
The bathroom signs were so cute though
I mean come onn that is cute!

The trash cans followed suit


Even the toys were super cute 

Little "happy" workers lol  from a cowboy to a pirate 
And yes that is pinapple that you can get in the side of your meal-- I don't hate that at all 

Then as I was leaving they were just setting out some colorful flowers! 

Plastic of course -- it is still McDonalds after all

I give this McDonalds a thumbs up! 
Clean, contemporary and quiet! 

Thats all for now!

Shokran & Gig Em! 


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